Friday, March 21, 2014

Working on a thing

I have / had a few new spells and critters to actually post but then I misplaced the scribbler I wrote them in.  Am working on that.  *facepalming*

That said, since Xmas I've also put together a beta outline for and am roughing out a few of the parts of a fantastical-Egypt setting.  (Yes, this again.) 

Right now I'm trying to decide whether I should keep my chosen city names as they are (the actual place names) or change them so this is more "fantasy not-Egypt" instead of "fantasy Egypt"; this is the kind of thing that I fret over endlessly, blah.  I'm also trying to decide how much to put in this thing in general -- too much detail is probably bad, not enough will make it short and pointless -- and also trying not to have the vapours over writing more than a few critters / oh gawd what about art / I am horrible at formatting / etc etc. 

Basically the biggest hurdle is that I panic and abandon the project again.  I'm good at that, unfortunately.


HappyFunNorm said...

Anything you do I'm excited about!

There's a random town name generator over at if that helps...

Jon Hiesfelter said...

keep the original. there is utility in familiarity.

taichara said...


Bookmarked, and thank you for the link :3

@Jon Hiesfelter:

True enough, that --

Zak S said...

Any news on this?

taichara said...

@Zak S:

Alas, no. This year has not been kind in the long run.

Sean Robert Meaney said...

Your email isnt available. Mail me at

In the mean time I suggest you try a becmi experiment: saving throws are now damage resistance. Give the pcs +2 points each level of experience and allow them to allocate to which ever save slot as desired. Special attacks (the ones that come with a savingthrow) are now a hitroll like all attacks. That number allocated to save slots represents damage shrugged off before the special attack subtracts actual hitpoints.

taichara said...


Quite the proposal, but should I ever get to this project I will be using either typical Mentzer, or 5e.