Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Magic Item: Tifani

Tifani: A small defensive construct beloved of the neu, a tifani is an orb of scintillating glass shards in a riot of colours, held in spherical shape by a delicate orichalcum frame.

Some tifani are are triggered by touch (such as by being picked up), or are pre-set to trigger when a moving object comes within a certain range, or by the presence of a specific type of being. Other tifani are even equipped with tiny legs of orichalcum and bronze, waddling about like animated baubles until their trigger is met.

As soon as that trigger is tripped, however, the tifani detonates in a magic-fuelled ball of glittering flame and needles of magically-hardened glass, inflicting 2-12 hit points of damage on all within a 10' radius of the exploding construct.


Anonymous said...

I like it but it seems like a lot of effort for 2-12 damage. Some sort of secondary effect would be good as well.

trollsmyth said...

Ouch! And fun.

I'm somewhat in agreement with seaofstarsrpg, though the idea of seeing a small swarm of these scuttling down a narrow passage towards the PCs fills me with glee. ;)

taichara said...


Adding more damage or extra effects would be easy enough to do, certainly.

But for the game level we play at (1-3), 2-12 hit points at a clip and possibly from more than one tifani at a time is plenty ~!


Swarms are fun. Small things like to come in swarms >3

On damage, see above and feel free to adjust to taste *grins*