Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not Dead, Only Sleeping and other such commentary

I am indeed not dead, only sleeping, as it were.

For a few various reasons -- some having to do with the blogosphere, some to do with non-Interwebs events, and a great deal to do with other activities in my life at the moment -- I've not been feeling the itch to write for this neck of the woods. I haven't given up my Rules Cyclopedia by a long shot, but my attention is elsewhere.

Burnout chewed at my heels for the majority of the previous fall, so this does not really surprise me ... much as it doesn't surprise me that my extra immersion in the lands of giant robots is a definite distraction. (There is a pile of Mekton Zeta and various Dream Pod 9 books sitting next to me as I type this, along with several volumes of Gundam mechanical guides and photonovels ...)

I churned out posts for the better part of a year, and I daresay I'll be back again before long. But I need other things at the moment, and there are some other things I don't need much so much of.

Cheers, all ~ I shall be back ;3