Saturday, July 9, 2011

Well, might as well make it official.

After once again having not only no interest in posting for months but in fact a visceral aversion to the very idea of posting, I have concluded it is time to officially hang up the hat.

I may be back again; perhaps an official clean break is what I need to feel remotely interested -- or comfortable, for that matter -- with resuming activity once again. But if I'm honest about it, I've been less than enthused for a long, long time; I don't like what I've seen, and been seeing.

And you know what? My gaming-related activities are supposed to be fun.

All this in the blogosphere? Not fun.

The hamster hoard will remain where it is for archival purposes. I said once before that I would never delete my blog to spite others who may be interested in some segment of it, and I'll stand by that. But for the time being an archive is all it will be.