Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some mental meanderings: the purpose of this blog

I could make two different claims to how I started with D&D.

My first game and campaign were 2e AD&D (in honesty I suppose a 1e / 2e hybrid), and I stuck with that until 3e came along. Tried 3e, eventually gave up on it and went back to 2e where I was happy.

But my very first exposure to D&D was the Mentzer red Basic box, borrowed from a friend at school. I'd never played D&D but always wanted to, so when a chance to snap up the Rules Cyclopedia rolled around (after failing to find a Red Box) I leapt at the chance. And now I have two Red Boxes to go with it -- one of which was promptly given to my housemate -- and I'm happy as a clam.

The BEMCI edition of D&D makes me happy. So does 2e AD&D, but right now my creative notions are in D&D mode so that's what I'll be posting. I might start adding AD&D bits if something catches my attention, though.

I'm sticking with low-level things, in the main. The Red Box was what I was craving, so high-level widgets probably won't do it for me *grins* In an ideal world I'll be posting every day or every two days -- but knowing myself all too well, I'm not making any hard and fast promises.

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