Friday, January 8, 2010

Magic Item: Ivory Carbuncle

Ivory Carbuncle: Another of Mindara's creations, or so he claimed, the Ivory Carbuncle is a smooth sphere somewhat less than an inch in diameter. The Carbuncle's colour appears to shift randomly, though smoothly, between a nacreous cream and a glittering ruby red; it may be mounted in a jewel's setting and still function, or it be applied directly to the flesh where it will adhere and sink until it resembles a cabochon.

Regardless of the method used, the bearer of the Ivory Carbuncle is protected from the effects of charm spells and similar mind-controlling magics, paralysis, and blindness. However, this protection will function only so long as the Carbuncle's bearer takes no hostile action against another being; should the gem's bearer attack or perform a similarly hostile act, the Carbuncle falls inert for 1-4 hours.

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Doctor Warlock said...

I like the Carbuncle, I even have a Carbuncle Miniature :-)