Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Handful of NPCs

Name: Jenan
Class (or lack thereof): Normal Man (jack-of-all-trades)
Armour and Armour Class: none -- AC 9
Hit Points: 4
Weapon(s): dagger, staff
Belongings of Note: wrapped leather packet of honeycomb, dog and small cart
Alignment: Lawful
Notes: Cheerful, but prone to taking sides in an argument. Third-generation daughter of beekeepers, highly knowledgeable about unusual insects and insectoid creatures.

Name: Rilani
Class (or lack thereof): C1
Armour and Armour Class: chain mail -- AC 5
Hit Points: 5
Weapon(s): sling, mace
Belongings of Note: iron and silver holy symbol, linen formal vestments in grey and golden yellow, wolfsbane
Alignment: Neutral
Notes: Cleric of a martial deity and considers running from a battle dishonourable. Has lost a fellow cleric to lycanthropes while a novitiate and rages over the fact; she gains a +1 to hit against such creatures.

Name: Keskia
Class (or lack thereof): Normal Man (scribe and bookkeeper)
Armour and Armour Class: none -- AC 9
Hit Points: 3
Weapon(s): dagger
Belongings of Note: scribal kit, lacquered bronze seal, needle-daggers concealed in hairpins
Alignment: Lawful
Notes: A stickler for details and the letter of the law – but, if her trust is gained, will also happily point out any available loopholes in local laws that deal with taxes, fees and other such levies of cash. Collector of old manuscripts.

Name: Tajar
Class (or lack thereof): F1
Armour and Armour Class: leather armour -- AC 8
Hit Points: 7
Weapon(s): dagger, shortbow, spear
Belongings of Note: bundle of raw pelts, bone charms and carving tools, set of boar's tusks
Alignment: Chaotic
Notes: Flighty but not violent, save when startled or expecting the local law to come crashing down on poachers. Gets highly agitated when she is in an urban environment for longer than a night or two. Loves baby ducks.


Jayson said...

Wonderful stuff. I somehow love the idea of adventurers cultivating a relationship with an accountant type to get around the onerous local "salvage tax."

David The Archmage said...

Nice assortment of NPCs!! As usual they are very characterful.

Darva said...

I really like these, they're great examples of how a sentence or two of personality notes can add a ton a flavor to an npc and make them memorable.