Monday, May 31, 2010

Magic Item: Scarab Arrows

Scarab Arrows: Ancient creations of the oldest kingdom of the Glittering Sands, scarab arrows are in the current era often more prized for their antiquity and delicate craftmanship than for their enchantments. All scarab arrows have bronzewood shafts and are fletched with golden falcon feathers; the head of an arrow is a delicate, detailed sculpture of a scarab beetle, legs held pointed before it. Depending on the type of arrow, the scarab may be of obsidian, deep blue glass, or gold.

A scarab arrow is an arrow +1. Different types of arrow have different properties, as follows:

Obsidian: The scarab animates and burrows into the flesh of its target, inflicting 1 hit point of damage and -1 to morale per round until cut or pulled free or dispel magic is cast on it.

Blue glass: If the target fails a saving throw vs. spells, it is then charmed by the individual who fired the arrow despite the injury.

Gold: Erupts into pale golden light upon contact, inflicting 1-4 hp damage unless the target is undead; affects the undead as if holy water.

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