Friday, June 4, 2010

Magic Item: The Waiting Storm

In the falling light of evening Jie Chue found himself approached by the scion of an ancient line.

This pale-haired prince desired a pair of light and shining blades, quick to blood, a hidden sting; though, cursed in his blood, could wield no steel. He asked only for wisdom.

Jie Chue smiled and turned away.

In the rising light of morning he gifted the prince with dawn's own lightning.

The Waiting Storm: Paired shortswords, The Waiting Storm is crafted of transparent glass as strong as steel; pale gold and rose and colourless, the glass of the blades appears rippled and dimpled though is perfectly smooth and bearing a razor's edge. Though hilt and pommel are cast as one with the blades, the grip of each sword is wrapped with twisted white and jade green silks and bear a white silk tassel tipped with gold. Each of the Storm's blades holds within a bit of the power of lightning, released at the will of the wielder.

Each blade of The Waiting Storm is a shortsword +1. With every successful strike, a blade will generate one hit point's worth of stored damage to a maximum of six points stored in each blade. These points may be expended as electrical damage during an attack; alternately, three points may be expended to hold a target for one hour if a save vs. paralysis is failed.


HappyFunNorm said...

I could see a little campaign to re-unite this pair of blades. It might be interesting if there were some "set bonus" as well, and of course I continue to be in awe of your evocative descriptions.

Paul said...

I like this! I made a cursed version of the Waiting Storm swords intended to stir up some intraparty conflict.

taichara said...

I considered a combination bonus but nothing sang out to be as thematic, so I left it be. (alas.) Thank ye kind :3

Interesting take! :3