Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spells for Lonely Letters

After my dead-tree copy of Jeff Rients' Ye Olde Book of Spells arrived in the mail today, I was struck by a certain notion:

To cheer up the poor lonely letters in the book.

I'm also half out of my head in a murderous heatwave, so fair warning in regards to what follows *grins*

Gate of the Moon
Level: MU3
Range: 1 mile
Duration: 5 rounds
Effect: Opens a temporary spatial gate

When this spell is cast a disk-shaped 5’-diameter portal, ringed in silvery, luminescent crystal, is created; this disk will transfer anything which passes through it to a single location of the magic-user's choice within range. The magic-user can then instantly transfer himself from his current location to the chosen location by stepping through the manifested gate; if the magic-user travels through first, the gate will collapse before any other may pass through. The magic-user always arrives at exactly the spot desired when the moongate is created.

Level: MU2
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 turn
Effect: Focuses enmity into wounding ability

Casting this spell onto a target, the magic-user implants within that target’s mind a driving hostility against a single target or creature type (spellcasters – not recommended if you're still in reach! – orcs, dragons, etc). For the duration of the spell, the target may focus that enmity into increased damage and accuracy in combat: an extra 1-10 hit points of damage for every successful attack. However, all attempts to attack subjects other than that targeted by judgement's effects suffer a penalty equal to the spell’s bonuses.

Level: MU1
Range: 100’
Duration: Instantaneous
Effect: A bolt of necrotic force

A nasty twist on the traditional magic missile, a netherbarb is also a floating bolt of magical energy – in this case, purplish-black and writhing. A netherbarb inflicts 1-4 hit points of damage to a living target and causes one point of Strength to be lost for two hours – but it will “heal” 1-8 hit points of damage if cast at an undead creature.

Quelling Touch
Level: C2
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 round
Effect: Blocks all non-mundane abilities

Casting this spell prevents the target from casting spells or calling upon similar supernatural powers or abilities for a single round. This includes using spell scrolls or similar items, or using innate yet unnatural abilities such as a charm gaze or fire breathing.

The Thousand Masks
Level: MU2
Range: 0
Duration: 1 hour
Effect: Changes own shape

By the use of this spell, the magic-user may manipulate their shape into any other reasonably humanoid form. Weight may be shifted by as much as one-half, and extra limbs -- such as wings or additional arms -- may be grown (no more than two). No special attacks, defenses or abilities are gained despite the changes in shape. Colouration may also be changed by the use of this spell.

Unblinking Eyes of the Lynx
Level: C1
Range: 30’
Duration: 1 turn
Effect: Increases visual awareness

Casting this spell sharpens the target's ability to absorb and process visual information, granting a +1 bonus to attempts to find hidden or secret doors and similar instances of cunningly-hidden things. The target's eyes develop a pale gold-green luminescence while the spell is active.

Level: MU2
Range: 100’
Duration: Up to 1 week (see below)
Effect: Plants a delayed command in the target’s mind

Casting this spell allows the magic-user to place, undetected, a single command within the psyche of the target to be acted upon at a later time. Such a command or suggestion must be relatively simple, such as “bring the red vase to the crossroads” or “keep the outer door unlocked”, and may not be self-destructive. The command remains quiescent and undetectable until its pre-set "waiting period" elapses. The xenourge may also be implanted with a trigger word or situation instead of a flat waiting period.

Yesterday’s Grace
Level: C1
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 round
Effect: Gathers information from an object or place

By casting this spell and touching an object (or a wall, in the case of a room; said room or part of a room may be no larger than 20x20’), the cleric may determine the following information about the item’s previous condition: condition, physical ownership, actual ownership, location (if applicable), and usage.

Zone of Docility
Level: MU2
Range: 50’
Duration: 4 rounds
Effect: An area in which hostilities are impossible

Casting this spell produces a soft, melodic drone in a 20’ radius which lulls all hearing it into a half-hypnotized state, leaving them vulnerable and unable to take offensive actions. The spell affects 3d8 HD of creatures within its area of effect; victims are effectively stunned, unable to take any action, for the first round. In subsequent rounds those affected are addled but recovering, capable of defending if attacked but little else. Victims making their saves are addled in the first round and subsequently unaffected.


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You know I'm glad to see someone else who wonders how to fill the gaps. :)

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An addition to Gate of the Moon:

Any enemy that touches it is instantly transported to the surface of the moon.