Friday, December 17, 2010

Magic Item: The Burning Road

Under the brilliant noonday sun Jie Chue laboured at the forge; a tremor signaled another's presence, and he paused his work.

A brash and stubborn princeling stood before him, his temper quenched as he detailed his desire. Strength and brilliance forged as one, though without the touch of iron; no dainty graces, only the power and the will.

Jie Chue sent the princeling to the south as he turned back to his forge.

At the fall of night, he gave the gift of the earth's own fire.

The Burning Road: A massive two-handed sword, almost too heavy to lift, the Burning Road bears an unnaturally broad blade and a chisel tip. Forged not from any metal but from black basalt, the sword's blade is shot through with glowing veins of red-hot magma; despite this the sword's edge is honed as fine as an obsidian razor. Burning Road's grip is wrapped with rough red leather braiding, and its pommel is decorated with tassels of fire opals and red silk.

The Burning Road is a two-handed sword +1. With each successful strike, the blade stores one "point" and its veins glow even more firey; when four points have been stored they may be expended to fuel the blade as it is used to destroy a single enchantment or similar magical or mental influence. Alternately, the points may be expended to create a firepath -- a focused beam of flame from the blade that unerringly points towards a desired location known to its bearer. The beam lingers for four rounds.

This blade does not approve of those without the will to fight fairly for its gifts; damaging allies or oneself in order to accumulate power results in a backlash of 1-6 points of damage per point in the blade as phantom magma lashes the offender.


David The Archmage said...

Flavorful as ever! Jie Chue is the master of all materials isn't he?

taichara said...


He certainly appears to be, doesn't he --? ;3~

OddJohn717 said...

I wonder about the creations of either a less skilled apprentice (cursed/unlucky?) or the identity of Jie Chue's teachers