Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scribblings from last night's workshift ...

Egypt Gazetteer

- (very!) brief overview

- class changes
-> alternate thief skills
-> redistribute spell lists
-> change/remove turning
-> "name levels"; patronage, titles

- currency and gear
-> weapons, armour
-> Egyptian versions of adventuring necessities
-> "basic kits"?

- spells
-> typical magic types
-> remove/alter most "blasters"
-> summonings, blessings, cursings

-> wax crocodile
-> parting water
-> teleport other

- critters
-> wolf of Upuaut
-> jackal of Anpu
-> divine ("golden") critters
-> akh
-> demon (generic)
-> demon, arrow of Sekhmet
-> sphinxes, Egyptian
-> constructs (ushabti, etc)
-> demon, tutelary (Aha/Bes)
-> Set-animal
-> "night serpent"
-> ba (dead human)
-> ba (manifestation of deity)
-> the Seven Hathors
-> solar cat
-> iaret

- changes to treasure
-> alter deben to "true" coinage?

- magic items
-> amuletic/glyphic magic

- deities

- cities
-> Khemenu (Hermopolis)
-> Waset (Thebes)
-> Mennefer (Memphis)
-> Iunu (Heliopolis)
-> Per-Bast (Bubastis)
-> Abdju (Abydos)

- ruins/necropoli
-> Great Place (King's Valley)
-> District of Eternity (Saqqara)
-> Nekhen
-> Abdju ...

- Kush and the Nubian kingdoms
-> Punt

- Libya and Syria-Palestine, Crete ...

- "the secrets of the deserts"
-> the West
-> predynastic sites
-> Eastern desert valleys
-> "demons and the dead"

- metaphysics & multiverse
-> sky
-> Duat (Field of Reeds)
-> darkened underworld
-> "God's Land"


trollsmyth said...

Looks great! Any chance the "darkened underworld" will be a place for adventures?

taichara said...


Thank ye kind; it remains to be seen, though, whether anything will ever actually come of this little exercise ...

On the underworld: a place for adventure, I suppose, as much as any other other-planar location filled with otherworldly creatures and dead folk would be? It's not a "mythic underworld" in the OSR sense (which I dislike), it's an area in the cosmology that I'd (hopefully!) adapt as a planar location.

Anonymous said...

I hope this ends up on my gaming shelf, one of these days! :)

Natalie said...

Oooh. This looks very interesting. Are there any specific research sources that you're drawing from, or think you'd find useful for this project?

taichara said...


No promises, but we'll see what happens ;3


I have shelves of them *grins* Currently being reviewed are:

Allen, James P. - The Heqanakht Papyri

Cohen, Raymond and Westbrook, Raymond, eds. - Amarna Diplomacy: The Beginnings of International Relations

Coleman Darnell, John and Manassa, Colleen -- Tutankhamen's Armies: Battle and Conquest During Ancient Egypt's Late 18th Dynasty

Hornung, Erik - The Ancient Egyptian Books of the Afterlife

Kemp, Barry - Ancient Egypt: Anatomy of a Civilization

Kosloff, Arielle P. and Bryan, Betsy M. - Egypt's Dazziling Sun: Amenhotep III and His World

Martin, G. T. - The Hidden Tombs of Memphis

Nicholson, Paul T. and Shaw, Ian, eds. - Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology

Pinch, Geraldine - Egyptian Mythology

Pinch, Geraldine - Magic in Ancient Egypt

Spalinger, Anthony J. -- War in Ancient Egypt

HappyFunNorm said...

Would it include mechanics for overthrowing the government? :)

Natalie said...


Brilliant! Thanks. I'm currently working on a campaign setting that draws from ancient Eygptian myth and culture, among other sources, but it's been over a decade since I did any reading on the subject, so I've been flailing a bit in attempts to find resources on the subject.

taichara said...


If there are any specific types of resource material you happen to be looking for, let me know? I might have a suggestion or two -- I have some fairly specialized (medicine, gardens, other random topics) textbooks sitting here X3