Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some Random Potion Tables

... so much for posting more regularly. *facepalms*

Here's a little something I was tinkering around with at work last night, a handful of little tables for generating unusual and/or more detailed potion descriptions.

Potion ...

1. pomegranate
2. amber
3. colourless
4. inky
5. rosy
6. emerald
7. prismatic
8. roll twice

1. opaque
2. pearly
3. swirling
4. quivering
5. translucent
6. bubbled
7. iridescent
8. fizzing

1. water
2. thin syrup
3. thick syrup
4. powdery (add water or choke!)
5. sticky
6. gelatinous
7. solid
8. pasty

Smells Like
1. grass
2. sewage
3. honey
4. nothing
5. roses
6. undead
7. bread
8. smoke

Tastes Like
1. bakeapples
2. blood
3. rain
4. seawater
5. peanuts
6. wine
7. bone
8. earth

Contained In
1. crockery jar
2. glass flask
3. small skull
4. rough stone
5. leather skin
6. wax tube
7. metal phial
8. hollow jewel

1. no
2. accurately
3. falsely
4. accurately (magical)
5. falsely (magical)
6. "belongs to"
7. "made by"
8. changes daily


Matthew Schmeer said...

Glad to see you are back! I'm still working on the monster compilation here and there--it's been on the backburner for a while and I need to give it my full attention soon!

Necropraxis said...

Very nice. I think I'm going to use this to slowly define the characteristics and description of various potions. The first time a particular kind of potion is discovered, I'll roll for all the characteristics, but in the future all similar potions will have the same basic details (other than container and label, of course). So players will be able to re-use their (campaign-specific) knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when I read the first table as it made me think of thithis picture.

Nice set of tables E, thanks again.

taichara said...


I'm glad to be back! -- except my posting regularity still sucks X3 No worries about time with the monster compliation, believe me I know how things can get *grins*


That's pretty awesome :3


Yeh, it was kind of deliberate on my part *grins ~* You should have seen some of the original ones (periwinkle, anyone?) --

You're welcome :3

Necropraxis said...

I put together a PDF of this with some minor tweaks and another table for potential side effects.

Download it here:

taichara said...


I like the additions! Aesome work :3

jedavis said...

I'm always a fan of having "Almonds" on the flavor table. Could be healing, could be cyanide...