Monday, January 18, 2016

Magic Item: Contradiction

Contradiction: This sabre-like sword -- with its narrow, slightly curved blade and almost nonexistent hand-guard, its dark steel inlaid with a mosaic of unpolished jet chips and raw rock crystal -- dates from the time of the Philosophic Warlords. To that purpose, Contradiction chooses its enemies both broadly and specifically.

 It was last seen in the hands of a wandering minstrel-knight, the Descending Falcon.

Contradiction functions as a longsword +1. In the hands of a lawful wielder, it may use order's sermon and stun a chaotic target for 1-4 rounds if a save vs. paralysis is failed; if wielded by one of chaotic alignment, Contradiction may instead apply disorder's serenade and charm its target for 1-4 rounds if a save vs. spells is failed. Choosing to strike with the flat, or otherwise make contact without lasting harm, is an option.

Should Contradiction's bearer be of neutral alignment, or unaligned, that bearer may choose either order's sermon or disorder's serenade, but must alternate the two. A neutrally-aligned bearer may also access an additional ability of the blade, balance's castigation: once a month, the sword can strip away a level (or Hit Die) from a lawful or chaotic target altogether.

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