Monday, January 18, 2021

Hamsterish Hoard of Hexes is live!

 Today's the day!

The day that Hamsterish Hoard of Hexes is live!  :D

Brought to you by Paolo Greco of Lost Pages (lostpaolo @ Twitter), with lovely art by Alex Damaceno (gnarledmonster @ Twitter), it's time for spells, shiny things and animal wizards!

Sixty-four levelless spells across eight themed grimoires, each with their own quirks, physical grimoire descriptions, and a selection of brand-new fantsay knowledge, esoterica and tricks of the trade that enterprising spellcasters squirreled away, to whit:

    Principia Primordia and its powerful channeling spells and plants
    Least Book of Serpentarius, teaching the secrets of harnessing star power
    Roseate Codex, a magic handbook about roses, and how to feed them with yourself to defy death.
    Collected Wisdoms, holding the keys to wisdom, denial, and dowsing.
    Tjehenet, a papyrus filled with shiny and glittery magic
    Ex Sanguinis, and its crimson sorcery of emotion and blood
    The Manual, that famous tradecraft grimoire
    Book of the White Cat, teaching the icy mystery of the Queen of Clowders

The spells in Hexes can be used alongside Wonder & Wickedness, also from Lost pages, or on its own.

And right along with them, there's a random table for each grimoire just right for equipping a new magely-type with a trinket, toolkit or odder bauble that suits their magical style :D

It's not just spells, mind you -- the second half of Hexes brings out a collection of enchanted items , polished up and collected in one place.  Lenses and lanterns, stones and lanterns and clockworks.  Always clockworks ~  Including the spellchick.

You knew I wasn't kidding about the spellchick, right? 83


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