Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Flowery Elixirs

Magical or enchanted flora crops up throughout worlds of fantasy. Here's a few, rendered into forms that intrepid adventurers might stumble over --

Boneflower: An orchid that sprouts from the remains of long-dead corpses, a boneflower has a single blossom – pale ivory mottled with cream, and chitinous to the touch – and two pale, wrinkled leaves.

A boneflower potion is also ivory, and a little gritty, providing a +2 to all saves (or to Armour Class) vs. attacks from undead. It will negate one energy drain attack, but then the potion's effects fade immediately.

Heartsfaith: Resembling nothing so much as a strange form of goldenrod, heartsfaith bears long tassels of tiny flowers of molten gold colour on strong, tall stems.
A heartsfaith potion, golden yellow, is useful only to clerics; it provides a +1 bonus to all turning attempts for the potion's duration.

Drakesbane: This strain of lily-of-the-valley is almost indistinguishable from the ordinary variety – only a minute examination will reveal the blood-red spot inside each flower's pale white bell.
A drakesbane potion, brilliant crimson, grants a +1 to saves vs. dragon breath and a +1 to attack rolls against dragons for the duration of the potion. A drakesbane potion lasts for only four turns.

Nightsable: A variety of velvety black rose, with golden edging on its petals and greenish-black leaves, a nightsable's thorns can make the unwary sleep.
Black flecked with gold, a nightsable potion grants a +2 bonus to all saves to resist mental control or domination, such as from a Charm spell.

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