Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Magic Item: Bloodflower

Jie Chue was once approached by an angry, vengeance-driven warrior, who desired to have a blade forged after his homeland was savaged by war. He desired this so that he may demonstrate to all who wronged him exactly how much pain they had caused him when his family was torn away.

Jie Chue felt that this was entirely the wrong reason for such a request, but the warrior was adamant; and so the forger set to work with a twinge of regret.

The warrior was pleased with the results, but Jie Chue was not.

Bloodflower: This normal sword has a blade of oddly milky steel, its grip wrapped in black snakeskin and its guard worked into the shape of briars and mandrake plants; the pommel-nut is a slightly-pointed dome of buttery-yellow amber, like a mandrake fruit.

A sword +1, +2 versus humanoids, Bloodflower can once a day inflict a -4 Armour Class penalty upon a successfully struck opponent, causing them to be wracked with pain for four rounds. When this ability is activated Bloodflower's blade turns crimson and seems to drip blood.

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