Monday, December 7, 2009

Magic Item: Kingfisher Chimes

Kingfisher Chimes: Named for the stone they are carved from -- translucent green jade, tinged with deep blue and shot through with delicate white veins -- the Kingfisher Chimes are strings of round bells no larger than the last joint of the fourth finger, their bead-like clappers carved from the same stone as the body of the bell. The Chimes are strung on lengths of pure white cords, and may number from five to twenty.

When hung around an area to be enclosed, no more than twenty feet in diameter, the Kingfisher Chimes ward away inimical forces. All hostile creatures of three Hit Dice or less must succeed in a save vs. charm or be hedged away; should the creature succeed, the magic of the Chimes forces a -2 penalty to all actions for the duration of the encounter.

Every time the Kingfisher Chimes are overcome, a single bell shatters into shimmering dust.


Rusty said...

Consider this swiped. I just created a "jade" area in a dungeon and this will serve as an excellent item.

taichara said...

@The Rusty Battle Axe:

Thank ye kindly! Glad I could be of service :3