Friday, December 11, 2009

Magic Item: Sira'she, the White Ghost Mask

Sira'she, the White Ghost Mask: None can attribute this full-face mask, of impossibly thin ivory carved with sweeping lines into idealized, almost stylized features, to any single enchanter. Perhaps the very nature of the White Ghost Mask prevents such a thing. What is confirmed is the existence of copies of Sira'she alongside the original, also of ivory but bearing a tiny gem in the brow, or one in each cheek; what altered or additional powers the copies may possess is unknown.

Placing Sira'she against the face causes it to adhere there without the need for physical ties or straps. The enchantment of the mask permits sight, speech, breath and even eating and drinking while the mask is worn. Its true purpose, however, is not merely concealment of the face but complete obfuscation of identity; while Sira'she is worn, the individual wearing it is completely unrecognizable by unique physical traits, sex or species, appearing as an androgynous and nondescript humanoid of no particular type. Further, the White Ghost Mask influences those that see it being worn such that its wearer's appearance does not seem unusual or disturbing.


Mark Thomas said...

Nice in an uncanny valley sort of way!

Chris said...


(This is a perfect flavour element for a sub-level I'm tinkering with. It changes it from being a little odd, to wildly trippy.)

taichara said...

Thank ye kindly :3