Friday, January 1, 2010

Magic Item: Winter's Drafts

Winter's Drafts: Named not for any particular quality they hold, but for only the season in which they may be distilled, these translucent elixirs glitter like ice crystals suspended in white wine. Each type of elixir is traditionally identified only by the small enameled mark on the body of its frosted silver flask, or by a sprig of the appropriate foliage tied to the neck with a bit of white ribbon.

Grass: Identified by green-berried holly, the Grass draft is meant to be applied to as many as six weapons up to the size of a longsword. So treated, a weapon gleams with a cold glassy shine and -- when next used in a successful strike, lethal or subdual -- will send the victim into a death-like sleep from which they will not wake unless injured or the enchantment is dispelled. This strike may be used three times.

Milk: Marked with holly bearing white berries, the Milk draft is applied to an article of clothing such as a blouse, robe or cloak. The elixir permeates the substance of the clothing and leaves behind a faint shimmer like frost; for a week's time, such clothing will protect as if the one wearing it were wearing chain mail and under the effects of a protection from evil spell.

Coal: Black-berried holly identifies the Coal draft. A tool of sacrifice, the Coal draft is consumed while up to four individuals are named; the consumer of the elixir will then take upon themselves all injury and affliction directed towards those individuals for the following twenty-four hours.

Blood: The red-berried holly marks the Blood draft. Consumed by a living being, the Blood draft will remove a cursed condition or permit a shift from Chaotic alignment; used against an undead creature as if holy water, the elixir may restore the undead to its living self if the creature fails a saving throw against death magic.

The names of the four Drafts are also part of the enchantment, though their meanings have been lost.


Mark Thomas said...

Neat stuff!

trollsmyth said...

Very, though extremely potent. Some of these, especially Blood, could easily have campaigns built around them. Thanks for sharing, and happy New Year! :D

taichara said...


Thank ye kindly! :3


They were meant to be potent, no worries there ~ ;3

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