Saturday, January 9, 2010

Monster: Azul

Armour Class: 2
Hit Dice: 3+4*
Move: fly 180' (60')
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1-4
No. Appearing: 1-3
Save As: M4
Morale: 11
Treasure Type: Nil (special)
Alignment: Neutral
XP Value: 75

An azul is a gaseous entity, a billowing sapphire fog measuring no less than 20' x 20' in rough dimension (though it will flow down corridors, through cracks, and generally "deform" itself as necessary). Alien creatures, it is not entirely clear whether azul are sapient or even sentient; they seem to exist merely to tamper with the flaws of energy and magic. Some speculate that they were created by ancient spellcraft, pointing to their concentrated essences which are useful in certain mageries.

In combat, a azul may jolt all within its gaseous shape, inflicting 1-4 hit points of damage as pure magical energy -- akin to a magic missile -- strikes all within range. However, the azul may only attack in this manner once every three rounds. Far more insidious is its sapphire inversion: within an azul's mists fire causes cold damage (and vice versa), electricity causes no damage, charms and similar magic reverse subject and victim, and healing magic restores the undead while harming the living. Individual azul may also possess other, additional inversions or warpings.

Azul take full damage from magical sources. Physical weapons do no damage unless enchanted, in which case they inflict damage equal to their magical bonus.


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Valandil said...
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Valandil said...

How did you come up with that name? Does it have anything to do with the color in spanish? (azul=blue)