Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Book of Light

[A small volume, this spellbook has covers of finely hammered and frosted steel with a faintly bluish tinge, formed over a core of oak. Both covers are lipped and one is slightly larger than the other, such that the pages are completely encased when the book is closed. The pages themselves are of fine parchment, the script and diagrams within recorded in a strong hand in black ink; the front cover bears an unknown sigil in cobalt and azure enamel. The Book of Light contains eight first level magic-user spells, six unique spells as detailed below with the addition of shield and magic missile.]

Level: MU1
Range: 0
Duration: 1 turn
Effect: Blocks magic missile damage and creates a concussive sphere

Casting this spell creates a field of magical energy around the magic-user which halves the damage caused by magic missiles and similar effects. Once during the duration of the spell, the magic-user may create a palm-sized shimmering black orb; this orb may be thrown up to 20' and explodes with concussive force, causing 1-6 hit points of damage.

Arms of the Brute
Level: MU1
Range: 0
Duration: 1 turn or 1 hour
Effect: Improve damage in combat or ability to lift, carry and haul

The magic-user has two forms of this spell to choose from. If the combat version is used, a +2 to weapon damage is gained for one turn; if the non-combat version is chosen, the magic-user adds +4 to their Strength score for the purposes of lifting, carrying and similar activities for an hour.

Silver Sickles
Level: MU1
Range: 50'
Duration: 4 rounds
Effect: Creates flying silvery shears

Casting this spell conjures a pair of curved, hinged shearing blades that can be commanded to fly up to 50' away from the magic-user. In combat the blades deal damage as a dagger, and function as a silver weapon; against plants and plant-based monsters the blades inflict an additional 2 hit points of damage.

Shining Bolt
Level: MU1
Range: 50'
Duration: 1 turn
Effect: A shattering bolt of electricity

Bright and to the point, this spell produces a bolt of brilliant lightning that races towards the chosen target, inflicting 1-6 hit points of damage; the bolt also shatters metal and desiccates scale and flesh, causing the target's Armour Class to worsen by 2.

Level: MU1
Range: 40'
Duration: 1 round
Effect: A blade of ice and possible environmental hazard

This spell creates a razor-keen shard of ice that flies at a single target within range, causing 1-6 hit points of damage upon impact. Alternatively the magic-user may direct the shard against the ground, creating a slippery skin of ice up to 40 square feet in area that lasts for four rounds; any attempting to cross the ice must make a dexterity check or fall prone.

Shroud of the Blaze
Level: MU1
Range: 0
Duration: 1 turn
Effect: Orbiting protective flames

Casting this spell creates two airborne flames that circle around the magic-user. Any opponent that attacks the magic-user in melee is stuck by the flames, receiving 1-2 hit points of damage. Once during the duration of the spell, the magic-user may create a third flame; this flame may be directed to 40' away and causes 1-4 hit points of damage to its target.


David The Archmage said...

Very cool! Shining bolt seems a little bit powerful for a 1st level spell, but I suppose you still have to hit with it.

taichara said...


Still have to hit with it, and there's still the saving throws to contend with --

Unknown said...

I will be putting this nice little spellbook to good use. Another great treasure!

DMWieg said...

I like the idea of unique spells/spellbooks as treasure.