Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Magic Item: Mala of the Hexad

Mala of the Hexad: The mala of the hexad is a set of prayer beads, meant to be worn around the neck or brandished at a target. There is no one substance from which the mala must be made; examples have been known to be fashioned from bone, wood, musk, rose petals, or large seeds.

Each example of the mala of the hexad grants its owner a +1 to any defense against offensive elemental sources; this may be a bonus to a saving throw against a spell, a bonus to Armour Class against an elemental's attack, or similar. Additionally each mala sports 1-6 stone beads, usable once a day unless noted, selected randomly from the following types:

- air (crystal): speak telepathically for up to one hour, or plant a single suggestion
- earth (jasper): meld with earth/stone for up to four hours
- fire (carnelian): double movement rate for an hour or gain an extra action
- water (aquamarine): heal disease or purge poison a number of times a day equal to the number of stone beads
- light (topaz): go without food and water for 24 hours
- darkness (onyx): paralyze and blind target, paralysis lasting for four hours

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