Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Unrelated twins: spells

[Found dyed in cobalt and peacock green on a tattered white silken scroll on the one hand, inscribed on verdigrised brass plates in delicate white acid etchings on the other, these two spells appear entirely unrelated though lying amongst the same bleached bones. But are they indeed coincidentally collected together, or is there a connection after all?]

Shining Tear of Time
Level: MU3
Range: 30'
Duration: up to one year / level
Effect: crystalline shell preserves

Casting this spell cloaks up to three feet cubed of physical matter with a dense, fluidly-shaped shell of a translucent, glassy iridescent blue substance. Any material -- or creature -- encased within the shell are placed into an unchanging stasis until the duration of the spell expires or a successful dispel magic is cast; dispel magic affects shining tear of time as if the target spell were three levels higher.

Snapping Clockwork Teeth
Level: MU3
Range: 60'
Duration: instantaneous (see below)
Effect: hostile energies especially disruptive to magitech

By casting this spell the magic-user summons a bolt of cobalt and white semi-tangible energy that inflicts 3-12 hit points of damage. Against clockworks, golems, living statues and similar creations of artifice, however, snapping clockwork teeth inflicts 6-36 hit points of damage as the object is weakened by a webwork of flaking cobalt crystal. Cast against a magical item of magitech or clockwork origins, this spell disables the item for one hour.

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