Friday, April 29, 2011

Y: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yes, another post so short it's barely a blip on the radar -- awkward letters + awkward time of the work schedule makes for short posts ~

Yesterday I was digging through Anima again and anxiously waiting for the Dominus Exxet book to finally crawl into my FLGS next month. Anima is definitely a happy place for me these days.

Today I was shuffling through my collection of Planescape material while tinkering with some critter notes I have stuffed inside the Red Box. (unfortunately I seem to have forgotten to write down some crucial thought processes and am not entirely sure what all the notes were for. oops.)

Tomorrow might be Anima again, or Planescape ... or I might go pick up that shiny new Shadowrun book that just arrived at the FLGS. Or I might bring Mutants and Masterminds to work instead, seeing as I've been reading a steady diet of the Legion of Super-Heroes for a week.

I don't believe in edition wars.
I don't believe in game wars, either.


NaldoDrinan said...

How does Anima play, by the by? The game's art and setting look very cool, and I've heard good things about the system as well.

I'm really debating on picking it up someday, I just need that nudge one way or another.

taichara said...


Hehe. I haven't gotten a chance to actually throw dice for Anima yet myself, due mostly to a constantly changing work schedule. But I'll happily say that I like the feel of the system, no question; it looks like a lot of work but it's all front-loaded in the character creation (and I love ample character creation options; YMMV, of course).

The only thing I'll warn about is that the translation reads a little haphazardly, in the sense that it feels perhaps a bit too ... literal? in places -- there's a feel of non-English idiom in the sentence structures.

The GM Kit is definitely a good additional purchase if you do pick up Anima, though. The extra rules bits and the sample PCs are quite nice.

NaldoDrinan said...


Ok, it sounds like its worth picking up!

I switch from wanting rules-lite and rules-heavy constantly - and really, the only benefit I like from rules heavy is character options for my players. So this does sound good.

I'm a bit worried about the translation, but honestly, one strike does not mean you are out.

Now I have to convince myself not to buy the minis for it as well...

Lucas Kain said...

Then, what do you believe in?

call Sri Lanka