Saturday, June 29, 2013

Monster: Chromatic Ooze

Chromatic ooze
Armour Class: 7
Hit Dice: 1-1**
Move: 90' (30'), Cl 90' (30')
Attacks:  1
Damage: 1-6
No. Appearing: 2-20
Save As: M-U1
Morale: 12
Treasure Type:  Special
Alignment:  Neutral
XP Value:  7

 Flowing along like syrupy, opalescent clots of ever-shifting, multicoloured paints, chromatic oozes create a riotous swarm of flesh-devouring colour wherever they happen to be found -- and they can be found virtually anywhere.  What the oozes lack in size they make up for in numbers and reproductive capacity.  The clinging acids of a chromatic ooze dissolve any living material it manages to engulf, leaving behind both non-organics and dead organics.

A chromatic ooze inflicts 1-6 hit points of damage per attack, its dissolving touch causing injury out of all proportion to the ooze's small size.  Worse still, when an ooze has caused enough damage to equal its maximum hit points it promptly fissions into a pair of identical oozes.

Striking a chromatic ooze is a gamble.  Whenever an attack on an ooze is successful, the ooze releases a flash of bright light with one of the following effects, avoidable by the attacker with a successful save vs. poison:

1) red:  berzerk for two rounds
2) orange:  nausea for two rounds (-3 to all actions)
3) yellow:  flee in terror for three rounds
4) green:  poisonsoul, -3 to all saves for two rounds
5) blue:  paralysis for two rounds
6) indigo:  prism charm, refuse to allow oozes to be harmed for two rounds
7) violet:  blindness for four rounds
8) roll twice

One in three oozes contain a jelly opal within their mass, a dense cyst of glassy nature and translucent play of colour.  Each such jelly opal may be valued at 10-60 gp depending on size and the appeal of its colours. 

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