Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Musing of Posting

I've been contemplating a wee little setting writeup for the Red Box as of late, a village or town or two and a few minidungeons with some broad-brush wider setting hints, and those contemplations have been spawning a few creations.  So I'm working on clawing past the posting paralysis for a little.

(no, seriously, it's taken me nigh onto three weeks just to brass up and get this far.)

I'm not making any promises of daily (aiie) or continuing regular postings, but hopefully I'll get a bit more added at least ;3  Just the gribbly bits, I won't bog the blog down in setting material meanderings.

Onward --


Matthew Schmeer said...

Welcome back, even if it is in a limited sense!

I'll be keeping tabs on any monsters you post; maybe I will eventually roll them into the PDF!

taichara said...


Thank ye kindly!

Awesome :3

David Larkins said...

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, especially with the mini-setting!

taichara said...

@David Larkins:

Thank you!