Friday, January 1, 2016

Monster: Changer, Corvus

Changer, Corvus

Armour Class: 7
Hit Dice: 1+4***
Move:  120' (40') [Fly 150' (50')]
Attacks: 1 [1 beak]
Damage:  1-2 or as weapon [1-5, beak] + special
No. Appearing:  1-8 (2-20)
Save As:  T2
Morale:  6
Treasure Type:  Q + S (B)
Alignment:  Neutral
XP Value:  50

These creatures slip between two forms, switching between them freely; they may appear to be slight humanoids of pale skin, clawlike nails, dark eyes and shaggy black hair, or choose the form of a large bird that resembles a shaggy-crested raven with claws and beak tinted silver.  Corvus love to adorn themselves with jewelry and ornaments, and these things will change shape with them, unlike their brightly coloured, ragamuffin clothing (which disappears when a corvus takes raven shape).  Gregarious and sharp-tongued, corvus can be an unexpected source of sage knowledge -- or a deadly threat to one's reputation.

In combat a corvus may change shape swiftly enough to allow one change of form per round regardless of other actions taken.  In humanoid form a corvus may attack with their claws, but most prefer to use daggers or shortswords; in raven shape a corvus attacks with their beak. 

Both forms possess a special ability: as a raven a corvus' attacks are considered to be elemental darkness, and may continue to inflict 1 hit point of lifeleech damage per round until tended to; while as a humanoid they may choose to use to deny light and lace their attack -- even a touch -- with dark essence, blinding the target for 1-4 turns if a save vs. spells is failed.

Once a year a corvus may choose to make their deny light a permanent condition until the curse is removed, or inflict a withering raucosity that carries the victim's mockery so far that they suffer a -6 Charisma modifier until, again, the curse is removed.


trollsmyth said...

Love this! Very flavorful and fairy-tale.

Zak Sabbath said...


Arnold K said...

I like this. Low-level monsters with perma-curses are good.

taichara said...

@trollsmyth @Zak:

Thank ye kindly --

@Arnold K:

No reason for lower-level PCs (or overly cocky high levels ones) to comfortably avoid curse potential, says I ~