Friday, November 27, 2020

A Hamsterish Hoard Of Hexes

 When I started posting bits and snips of rpg material way back when (2008? OMG AM I OLD *lol*), it was mostly critters of various stripes -- something I still tinker with -- but sprinkled in here and there were posts of spells, or collections of spells, and I didn't waste any time writing up trinkets and fancies and magic items of various stripes either, because we all like shinies.  And life was good ~  ;3

I kept this up for a good stretch until life and life crises derailed me, and then I turned into far more of a lurker in the online rpg scene for a number of years.  But lo and behold, the wheel turns and times change, and what's old is new again again, and I peeked my head out on Twitter a while back.

I found folks I remembered from before, and new folks, and life was also good!

And lo, a project grew from a grand suggestion: gathering up spells that I've written and forming new, themed spellbooks from them.  And then adding descriptions for said spellbooks -- and non-spell contents of their pages -- and nifty trinkets and shinies a spellslinger who knows the magics contained inside one might own.  And along with that, a selection of enchanted items.

Including the spellchick.  Because I am still ridiculously proud of the spellchick.  Moohahaha.

A Hamsterish Hoard Of Hexes is going to be released by Paolo Greco of Lost Pages fame (and credit where credit is due, Paolo is also where the nudge to do this came from!), and it's going to be illustrated by Alex Damaceno, creator of Beyond The Borderlands.  The eccentricities of the words inside are mine, though X3

Looking forward to posting more about the contents later! 83


Michael S/Chgowiz said...

Yay! Can't wait! Maybe this will help snap me out of my hole :)

taichara said...

Yay :D

The spell formatting is different than it used to be, but the stuff is still the same --

Also there is awesome adorable animal wizard art moohahahhaa

trollsmyth said...

Wonderful! Hearing you're on Twitter almost makes me want to go back.

Almost... >.>

Seriously, can't wait to have this in my hands and in my games. :D

taichara said...


It will be a grand pocketbook of magical widgets ~

Derek said...

Welcome back!

I always enjoyed the Hoard and look forward to see what your imagination has come up with over the hiatus. The swords were the most fascinating to me. Hopefully Jie Chue is still smithing away.

taichara said...

Blogspot acted up on me badly, more than once, so when I stumbled towards a new (sporadic) blog I put one up here: and I have some finished(ish, ha) things on --

Jie Chue hasn't made an appearance yet (though I'm contemplating possibilities, ahaha) but there are some swords lurking around nonetheless. X3

Of course, now Wordpress changed how posting works and it's a pain either way, ha