Saturday, January 17, 2009

Magic Item: Ring of the Beast

Ring of the Beast: This magical ring, of horn or bone rimmed with silver, allows the wearer to transform into the shape of an animal for four turns per day. Allotted time may be broken up, and equipment worn or carried by the wearer of the ring is “absorbed” into the animal body for the duration of the transformation. The transformed wearer may speak, but not cast spells or use class abilities.

The specific animal shape granted by the ring is determined by the following table:

1bear, black
4-5cat, mountain lion
6-7rat, giant
8-9snake, giant racer
12bat, giant


Jack Badelaire said...

I really dig this item. Abilities or effects that aren't just "+X to this roll" are great to see.

I might have to squirrel this one away for later...

taichara said...

By all means. Glad you liked it!

I need more items that aren't "+X to this roll", but I seem to be short-circuited. I'm working on it though *grins*