Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ten Poisons --

Aah, how a few days can turn into almost two months. Or something. *grins*

But here they are, ten poisons a little less lethal, for your lower level types --

Midnight's Sting – a distillate of crushed vortik snails and lesser belladonna; transparent, with a blue-violet tint. Midnight's Sting causes 1-8 hit points of damage.

Caveblight: Whitish, cream-like, and stays slick, cave ooze combined with the fruiting bodies of albino dungeon lichens. Caveblight causes a loss of 4 points of Strength for four hours.

Tomb Centipede Essence: Exactly as it sounds; reddish and thin, it dries quickly. This essence causes paralysis for five turns.

Seshen: A magical poison of crushed white lotus seeds and the ashes of a spellbook; a thin, milky resin that causes a -2 penalty to all rolls for an hour.

Green Slime Extract: Shellac-like, bright green mixture of green slime heavily diluted into vinegar that inflicts 2-16 hit points of damage.

Enchanter: A magical poison that resembles rusty mercury, created from the remnants of cursed magical items. Enchanter causes a -4 penalty to all rolls for two hours.

Methys: A glittering, iridescent liquid drawn from imperial star jellies. Methys forces the victim to move at half speed and have one action/two rounds for four turns.

Little Death: A thick, violet gel; maceration of wyvern-bone and death thistle. Little Death causes an unbreakable sleep for six hours.

Emperor's Rebuke: Brilliant crimson and cloying, of cinnabar dissolved in dragon's blood. Emperor's Rebuke inflicts 3-12 hit points of damage.

Nex: Thick, syrupy and brownish-black, made from zombie dust and consecrated oils corrupted on an altar to Chaos. Nex causes the loss of one point of Constitution.

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