Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some stir-fried random.

There are a few things I am tempted to try and knock out for the BEMCI ruleset. Most of them are just little additions and whatnot; and many many more critters, of which I seem to have too many sometimes.

I want to be able to tinker more with spellbooks. I blame the part of me that always wants to play a spellcaster for that one ...

Then there's the dim and hazy notion of a psionics ruleset. Somewhere between 2e, 3.x and the simplicity of BEMCI surely I can work out something that will appeal to me and actually function.

I am also seriously tempted to strip the "elfishness" from the Elf class and turn it into an actual usable-by-humans class. Whether this would turn out to be some strange critter that cast spells through a weapon, or into something more resembling the Red Mage of Final Fantasy fame, I'm not sure. (But I favour the Red Mage, I do admit ;3)

In keeping with my theme of minidungeons (of which more anon), I'm tempted to write up a little miniature "campaign sandbox". Like a tiny microcosm version of The Keep on the Borderlands, or summat.

... and who knows what else.

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