Monday, November 2, 2009

Magic Item: Brri'ku

Brri'ku (Scarlet Centipede): A bizarre combination of personal defense and personal offense, a brri'ku -- commonly so named after the pet-name given to the first of its type by the eccentic noblewoman who commissioned it -- is a construct of delicate golden gears and wireworks, cinnabar clockworks and finely jointed copper legs.

Made up of anywhere from ten to a hundred bright scarlet-enamelled segments, a brri'ku crawls and roams freely about the body of its owner; or perhaps coils about the throat like an elaborate necklace, attuned by a drop of blood. Any daring to physically strike an individual "wearing" a brii'ku will be struck at by the centipede which seeks to sink its cinnabar fangs into the aggressor. This bite is poisonous, causing a loss of 1 point of Constitution and paralysis for 2-8 turns if a save vs. poison is failed.

Alternately the wearer of the brii'ku may pull free a scarlet segment and throw it as if a dagger; upon contact the segment explodes into razor-sharp shards and clinging, burning fluid, inflicting 1-6 hit points of damage on the first round and 1-4 hit points on the second. Segments may be crafted to replace those lost; but if a scarlet centipede loses all segments, reduced to clockwork frame, the enchantment is lost.

Scarlet Centipede: [AC 1, HD 1+2, hp 10, move 60'(30'), Att: 1 bite, Dam: 0 + poison, Sv F2, Mrl 12]

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