Friday, November 6, 2009

Magic Item: Green Fire Wraith

Green Fire Wraith: A marvel of magitech, the Green Fire Wraith is a construct of steel and brass and glittering green glass as hard as adamant, of smooth bulbous glassy panels and magnificent clockwork limbs. The Wraith is a monstrous beautiful wasp; and it carries its passengers and cargo within it as it flies on wings of slim golden veining and films of pure arcane energies.

The Wraith is a unique clockwork airship large enough to carry up to six human-sized passengers in its thorax and abdomen in relative comfort. Its limbs are jointed and hooked like those of the insect it is modeled after, capable of landing on most any surface and clinging there stubbornly; the Wraith may also venture underwater, though its ability to function there is poor. The Wraith can achieve a land speed of 210' (70') and a stunning maximum flight speed of 450' (150'), but its submerged movement is only 120' (40').

The Wraith is armed with adamant-lined steel mandibles that can inflict 5-50 hit points of damage per bite; but its ability to bite man-sized targets is small, inflicting a -6 penalty to the to-hit roll of the controlling individual. More efficient is the Wraith's sting, a massive needle-like vane of brass and crystal that can cast an 8-Hit Dice lightning bolt every five rounds. The Wraith functions as if possessing 20 Hit Dice and an Armour Class of -4.

Wars and revolutions have been fought over the Wraith, petty kingdoms rising like shoots and falling like leaves in its wake. More fearsome still are the rumours that tell of a series of such constructs -- some with other forms of armaments, or mesmerizing patterns cast by their scintillating wings -- that rest within a mountain rebout waiting to be found.


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Tomira Eliyes said...

I can see why wars would be fought over them! You kinda want one to fight a war with, really.

Brutorz Bill said...

Really cool! Reminds me a bit of the Micronauts Hornetroid!
Good Stuff!