Thursday, November 5, 2009

Magic Item: Scribe's Whisper

Scribe's Whisper: A crystal inkpen a foot and better in length, the Scribe's Whisper is gently sculpted in smooth lines and subtle swellings to accomodate the miniscule golden gears, tiny coral clockworks and pearly mageries that twist in constant motion within its shaft. The nib of the Scribe's Whisper is of frosted steel etched in cinnabar; the thumb- and finger-rests directly above the nib are of gold and cinnabar, smooth to the casual touch but unfolding tiny metallic claspers to cradle the fingers and gently adhere the skin. While in use, the mageries within Scribe's Whisper tint a soft pink.

Attuned to the writer by the connection-point and fueled by magic and the writer's intent, Scribe's Whisper need only be drawn across any surface suitable for inscription and the inkpen will do so in a distinctive red-black script. The Whisper draws the words directly from the writer's mind; it will inscribe in any language the writer knows, switching between languages as required or needed.

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Tomira Eliyes said...

Oooh, useful!

Is there any reason aside from aesthetics that cinnabar keeps showing up?