Thursday, December 3, 2009

Magic Item: Chrysaor, the Sunlit Edge

Chrysaor, the Sunlit Edge: A weapon of relatively recent history, Chrysaor was forged as one component of a Dawn Knight's consecrated regalia. Unfortunately for Dawn's Korvun, he lost his life in battle with a knot of wraiths and the sword was lost; it has subsequently changed hands from one adventuring band and sapient monster to another, all so far unaware of the blade's origin -- or the rewards offered by the House of the Dawn for its safe return.

Finely balanced and sharpened along both edges of the blade, Chrysaor is forged, blade and hilt both, of milky white steel. Chrysaor's grip is wrapped with plaited rough linen and amber-scaled hide; its quillions are simple and recurved, its pommel an unadorned sphere. Most strikingly, both flats of the pale blade are inlaid with flames and vines of delicate golden wire. When wielded, Chrysaor is engulfed in light like warm sunlight.

Chrysaor is a sword +1. When wielded against the undead, its wirework burns brightly golden and the sword inflicts an extra 1-3 hit points of damage. Chrysaor's bearer also gains a +1 to saving throws, when applicable, against attacks from undead creatures.


David The Archmage said...

Any young paladin would love to get their hands on this!

HappyFunNorm said...

I might actually add an additional 'power' to the sword, perhaps 2.

1 - The etchings glow in the presence of undead - this could be used as a kind of early warning device or as a test.

2 - The reason the sword does just slightly more damage is that the etchings themselves burn the undead. You could use this as something like an additional test, as simply touching an undead would burn them for 1-3.

Obviously one could simply infer all that from your description, and your much more elegant prose would not be better with more descriptions of various applications.

I'm consistently impressed with how interesting your items and monsters are, and how interested in them I am. Each one is like its own little short story (especially the Jiu Chie swords that actually ARE little short stories!).

This suggests an interesting experiment... could you tell a coherent and interesting story merely by describing the items and people involved?

taichara said...


Hehe. True enough ~


Thank ye kindly -- and, true, you can infer those are additional abilities of the blade. I try to avoid padding the writing when I can, though.

Hm, interesting idea for an experiment ...