Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Magic Item: Dashifen's Glass

Dashifen's Glass: A thick plate of an unidentifiable crystal-clear material, shaped like a broad teardrop, faceted along its edges and as large as a grown man's head, Dashifen's Glass is trimmed with delicately etched scrollwork and mounted in a slim frame of gold and burnished blue steel.

When laid against any magical inscription, such as an enchanted rune, a spell scroll, or a warding glyph, Dashifen's Glass will take the enchantment into itself. This absorption leaves the object the Glass was laid against uninscribed and unenchanted, while the Glass carries the glyph or text within etching across its surface. While so etched the enchantment is dormant; placing the Glass against a blank surface of any suitable kind will transfer the magic once more.


Tomira Eliyes said...

I'm in your spellbook, stealing your words?

taichara said...


That too ;3