Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Magic Item: Mindara's Drop

Mindara's Drop: First created by the now-legendary Mindara, spellwielding sub-captain of the Revolution of Thorns, the small ornaments now known as Mindara's Drops continue to be a boon for secretive magic-users. Unfortunately the design of the Drops contains Mindara's curse of flaws in execution. Whether a ruby hung from a delicate golden chain, a rough stoneware pendant on a peasant's woven wristlet or simple one shimmering glass bead among many, Mindara's Drop requires two things: that it not be perfectly spherical, and that it must be red.

When commanded, Mindara's Drop transforms into a small, hand-sized book bound in red velvet and silver, capable of containing up to five spells as a normal spellbook. A second command returns the Drop to its ornamental form. By sacrificing a bit of energy to the Drop -- equivalent to one hit point, which may not be healed unless the bond is voluntarily given up or the owner of the Drop died -- it may be bonded to a single owner, permitting no other to change its form or alter its spells unless the enchanted bond is broken.


Michael S/Chgowiz said...

I like this one!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Does it detect as magic though? It seems it would be even more useful if you enemies were likely to overlook it.

taichara said...


Thank you! :3


I couldn't decide on whether it should be detectable (Mindara's flaw curse at work even more strongly) or not, and then forgot to address the issue at all ... *sheepish*

I would recommend, as a default, that in its concealed form the Drop does not detect as magical, but the book form does.