Thursday, March 3, 2011

Book of the Burning Sands: the first fragment

[This spellbook -- or, rather, portion of spellbook -- has seen better days. Sages are uncertain whether the tawny scroll's surface is of papyrus strengthened by magic to the durability of parchment, or of parchment enchanted to resemble papyrus; the lettering and diagrams of the spells upon the scroll's surface are inked in sooty black, accented with vermilion and gold. A scattering of notations in the language of the Shining Sands describe the binding of desert spirits, but the scroll is incomplete -- it breaks off after the third spell, tattered and scorched, and the ragged end-edge where a winding rod should be hints at a missing introduction at the least. As the Book circulates through learned circles, quests for the remainder of the scroll have been mounted but have so far been unsuccessful.]

Level: MU1
Range: 50'
Duration: 2 rounds
Effect: Sets subject alight

This spell sets a single subject on fire, causing 1-4 hit points of damage on the first round and an additional hit point of damage on the second; if used to ignite a target soaked in oil, the damage from the spell is doubled. The double damage will also apply if the subject is in contact with at least a pound of sand.

Junari's Dustcurtain
Level: MU2
Range: 60'
Duration: 8 turns
Effect: Concealing curtain baffles attacks

Casting this spell creates a swirling barrier of golden, garnet-flecked sand measuring up to 400 square feet in dimension (10'x40'). This barrier obstructs missile attacks (inflicting a -3 penalty) and baffles line-of-sight spellcasting. The dustcurtain may be penetrated physically, but those crossing through it take 1-4 hit points of damage from the sharp, burning sand crystals.

Desert Spite
Level: MU3
Range: 0
Duration: 4 rounds
Effect: Incapacitates foes with heat

Casting this spell causes the temperature within fifty feet of the magic-user to suddenly spike, as searing, flickering winds begin to whirl. For the first round, affected creatures are at -4 to all actions; for the second and third round, the penalty is -6 to all actions and movement is halved. The fourth round resembles the first, as the winds weaken. The magic-user may designate up to six subjects to be unaffected by desert spite at the time the spell is cast.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Erin. I had taken all your previous spells and produced a 28-page booklet for my gaming group, which was a big hit.

With these three here I have the exciting beginnings of a second booklet of Hamsterish Hoard spells. Thank you.


David The Archmage said...

As usual very cool!

taichara said...

@austrodavicus, David:

Thank you very much, both of you :3