Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Deadly Gardens

Brought upon by musings and the previous post --

I like plants that decide the PCs are dinner. I especially like plants that have bulbous, snapping jaws, like the greenfang and marrowlight and the upcoming post of "killer watermelons" -- nothing says "aiiie" like a plant sprouting (ha) a gaping maw. Plants are supposed to get eaten, not be the eaters!

Thorned plants can also be fun, whether found in rough sculptures, taking on animal forms, or even animating the dead. But they're a different kind of fun than killer chompers.

So, I want to hear about any deathplants out there in other people's games! What kind of greenery have you sicced on your players?


Matthew Schmeer said...

Have you seen this thread on Dragonsfoot? It might be just what you're looking for.

ze bulette said...

Looking forward to the killer watermelons! I haven't had the chance, but I would like to sick some Killer Grass on players one day.

The Rubberduck said...

I had some plant monsters in a recent mutants and masterminds campaign. Plant minions composed entirely of vines, firing spores. And a sentient oak tree larger than a skyscraper as the final boss.

Mothman's Dog said...

Apart from the classic Vampire Rose?

There will be some kind of thorny vine infesting the life support systems of space stations, in my Space Adventure game...

There was pickpocket grass in a Fighting Fantasy book...

And you can find my Fungal Creeper on pg 34 of the S&W Monster Book.

I'm tempted to work up stats for the Sontaran-eating giant cactus in the Tardis.

taichara said...

@Matthew W. Schmeer:

Looks interesting! I'll have to take a closer peek --

@ze bulette:

That killer grass is awesome. :D

@The Rubberduck:

Larger than a skyscraper? That must have been an epic final battle, then --

@Mothman's Dog:

Pickpocket grass? Must say, I'm curious about that one ...

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Tantalus Vine:

Those who encounter this strange plant, which appears to be a normal grapevine, must save versus paralysis or be compelled to attempt to grab it for the next 3 days (Roll to hit an AC of -7), without taking any other action, including eating or drinking, at which point they may save again. If eaten, the fruit of this plant will provide have no abnormal effects for 1 week, at which time the eater must save vs poison or take 2d20 (Subject to the D30 rule, modified to use 2d30 instead of 1) HP of damage.