Sunday, March 20, 2011

Humanoid Trait Tables

The following set of tables can be fun for quick-and-dirty humanoid species creation, or just for spicing up an everyday encounter with goblins and orcs.

Not every single table needs to be used, but nothing says you couldn't, either ~

Roll 1-3 times on each or as desired:

Hit Dice
1. 1HD
2. 2HD
3. 3HD
4. roll again and add a +2 hp modifier to the result
5. roll again and add a +4 hp modifier to the result
6. Hueg Humanoids! roll twice and add the results together, ignoring another roll of six

Animal Traits
1. claws or small horns (1-4 hp damage)*
2. fangs or large horns (1-6 hp damage)*
3. hooves
4. wings (50% functional)
5. fins (50% granting a swim rate)
6. animal hide (fur, feathers, scales ...)
* may be completely theriocephalic

Weird Traits
1. extra arms (1-4)
2. extra legs (1-4 ... centaur goblins?)
3. multiple eyes
4. skin oozes slime
5. tentacles
6. mismatched body parts

Funky Colours
1. neon blue/green/pink/etc
2. animal pattern (leopard spots, tiger stripes ...)
3. monochromatic
4. camoflaged
5. paisley (wtf)
6. roll twice; use both

Special Abilities
1. infravision
2. poison (paralysis)
3. charm resistance
4. Armour Class bonus (1-6; tough hide, scales, awesome armour, magical aura ...)
5. speedy (extra attack/round)
6. elemental attack (1-6 hp damage)

Special Weaknesses
1. photophobic (-2 penalty to actions in sunlight or bright light)
2. vulnerable to holy water
3. obvious weak point (double damage if struck; marking on forehead, discoloured patch of flesh ..)
4. poor Armour Class (1-4 penalty)
5. unnaturally low morale
6. weak against element (half again damage from fire, cold, or electricity, etc)

1. to pillage and raid all they encounter
2. to found a new humanoid camp or colony
3. to party! come join the fun!
4. to find allies against enemy humanoid community/tribe
5. to find captives for sacrifice to their gods
6. roll twice


The Rubberduck said...

A bit too funky for my tastes I think. But it might have uses.

taichara said...

@The Rubberduck:

Different strokes and all that *grins*

Spiralbound said...

Sweet set of tables! My wife and I had about 20 min of fun playing with them! :-) Rolling 2-3 times on some of the charts does provide the best results!

Dyson Logos said...

Random Tables for the win!

Chris Stevens said...

I can't get enough random tables!

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

If you have wings, shouldn't there be the option for a beak?


Bellkeeper (Bell of Lost Souls)

2HD (d20)

Scaled Hide

Skin oozes slime, has tentacles.


Poison (Paralysis)

Their goal is to protect the Bell of Lost Souls, and prevent it from being struck.

Their leader is named Tuttyph.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Oops. One note: In keeping with their theme, the slime they secrete is holy water mixed with mucus.

Anonymous said...

Random tables makes things 1d6 x5% better :)

Expand to d12/d20 tables for mutant humanoids in GW/MA/MF?

taichara said...


Awesome! Gald you had fun with it :D


Ditto -- thanks for the kind words :3


There's not a lot of logic in these, and only so many spaces ;3 That said, substituting a beak should be no problem ~


Not a bad idea, that ...

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

You've got a point there. After all, I have a Paisley creature with scaled tentacles for skin that secretes holy water, so...