Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Magic Item: Greysoul Shards

Greysoul Shards: Found in bundles of 1-4, wrapped in rough linen or the furry hide of some small beast, greysoul shards are long thin wedges of a strange translucent black substance -- not metal nor glass -- that taper to razor-sharp points. Though some claim the shards to be tangible darkness, this has not been proven.

A shard may be thrown like a dagger, inflicting damage as the same, but that is not their main purpose -- a target struck by a shard finds that the shard passes through their body, skewering their shadow and pinning it to the nearest solid surface. A creature so pinned cannot move further than the length of their shadow until the shard is pulled free (which may be done by anyone other than the victim) and is wracked with icy terror, forcing a morale check every round -- with a -1 cumulative penalty -- to be able to function.

With every use there is a 50% chance that a shard will shatter once pulled free of a victim's shadow.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. Perhaps certain forms of undead leave these behind when they are destroyed by magic?

Mike said...

Very nice idea! Gives my Cabal of Shadow Mages a new toy with which to harrass the players ^_^.


Jim said...

This is great. I'll be putting it in as treasure in my CotMA campaign! Thanks!

The Rubberduck said...

I can't help but consider what these will do against Shadows. You know, the monsters.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

@The Rubberduck:

They instantly become tangible, so they can be hit with normal weapons for full damage. They can be moved, (Thus you can use them as trophies or attach the shards to a tripwire so that they get pulled out if somebody hits it), but are otherwise paralyzed.

David The Archmage said...

I can just imagine a series of weapons designed to attack shadows... And this just makes me think of Peter Pan!

@C'nor ~ Great ideas!

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...


Thanks! Yours sound cool too.

taichara said...


I rather like that idea ~~

@Mike, Jim:

Glad you liked it :3


Awesome thread you got going there; nifty ideas --!