Saturday, February 21, 2009

Magic Item: Flickering Mirage

The promise of life's renewal in turn became the too-bright sunlight and the heat-haze of summer.

What appears to be under the high season's bright light is not always there;

This truth Jie Chue forged with a faint smile at the deception of nature.

Flickering Mirage:
Razor-keen and gleaming of blade, this sword bears a hilt wrapped in gold wire. In the pommel is set a many-faceted topaz, and a sunburst picked out in amber ornaments the blade on either flat. Furthering the gentle deception, Jie Chue gifted the sword to a practitioner of magic, who fled those who sought to take his life with bitter curses.

Flickering Mirage is a sword +2. Once a day, its bearer may grasp the bare blade, or press against a tiny barb tucked into the hilt; when blood is drawn, the blade's bearer may shift in a shimmering heatwave up to fifteen feet in any direction, so long as there is space for them to arrive, as if they were always at the arrival-point.

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