Thursday, February 19, 2009

Magic Item: Lifewarden

If the winter months brought stillness, then what came on the winds of spring?

The answer came readily to Jie Chue's hands:

Abeyance of death, and the renewal of life.

Lifewarden: Finely balanced and weighted, the hilt of this sword is wrapped in electrum wire. In the pommel is set a leaf-green cabochon of jade, and a five-petaled flower picked out in rosy quartz ornaments the blade on either flat. When the sword was complete, Jie Chue brought it to an ancient shrine; on the worn steps, he gifted Lifewarden to a wandering medicant who had given up his violent ways.

Lifewarden is a sword +2. Once a day, its bearer may cause the sword's blade to run wet with wine-dark sap. If this fluid is introduced into the bloodstream via the blade, it will cleanse the effects of a single poison or disease. As a pre-emptive treatment it will last only one hour.

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