Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Prying Labyrinth Lord from the grip of the postal service.

I've finally acquired a hard copy of Labyrinth Lord.

I've wanted to take a closer look at this one for a while now, but -- though I dearly love how the digital world feeds my information addiction -- trying to read a pdf that long makes my neurons fry. Lulu really pounds my Canadian wallet dead and flat on shipping, so it's taken a bit of time to get a hard copy that's dutifully paid for instead of forking over money to Staples.

Finally, Amazon came through. And then I had to contend with the stupidity of the postal service, who will never convince me that they tried to deliver the parcel yesterday with no response when I was sitting here waiting for the damn buzzer. (sigh.)

Regardless, my copy is here now and I'll be contentedly sifting through it. I don't expect to jump ship from BEMCI any time soon, but I wanted to support LL -- and if I ever have the brass to actually "professionally" publish anything, LL is the system I think I'll be wanting.


Alex Schroeder said...

Yeah, with Labyrinth Lord available from Amazon, getting it here in Switzerland was suddenly easy and cheap!

Tim Knight said...

Thanks for letting me know this is on Amazon! Very useful :)

taichara said...

For all the flak Amazon gets for undercutting prices and what-have, sometimes it surely is a godsend.