Saturday, March 21, 2009

Magic Item: Thorn's Blessing

As Jie Chue was gathering brushwood for his forge-fires, he once met a princely knight amongst the briars. The knight greeted him, and asked to be of service. Such was his purpose.

Jie Chue shook his head; he needed no such aid. With a weary smile the knight continued on his way, and Jie Chue pondered the meeting as he stood before the forge.

A year and a day passed.

The knight crossed Jie Chue's path on the briar-road once more; and Jie Chue gifted him a blade with which to divine that purpose.

Thorn's Blessing: This slender blade is a short sword with a blade of mirror-bright steel. Its hilt, of a darker and frosted steel, mounts a grip of ivory wrapped in braided crimson silk and a knuckle-guard of coiling, thorned arcs of magically-hardened gold. Set in the pommel is a garnet cabochon etched with petals and thorns.

Thorn's Blessing is a short sword +1. The bearer of the blade may, once a day, reroll any one saving throw or attempted attack roll; additionally, the bearer may use the blade's power to divine the wishes and needs of a subject a number of times a day equal to the bearer's Charisma modifier.

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