Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spells: The Book of the Black Rose

[Not a "book" at all, in reality, but an ebony box suited for containing such a book. Carved all over delicately with knotworks of barbed briars, the two halves of the box are solid pieces of ebony and the seam between them can scarcely fit a hair.

Inside the box rests a handful of dried rose petals, a handful of tiny bones, and a sheaf of impossibly thin vellum sheets inked with the following spells]

Black Rose Talon
Level: 1
Range: 0
Duration: 5 rounds
Effect: A thorn weapon that impairs what it injures

Casting this spell conjures to the Magic-User's hand a long, curved and razor-sharp spur resembling a gigantic briar thorn. It may be used to attack as if it were a dagger, and every successful attack inflicts a -2 penalty to all rolls on the target as a magical toxin floods their veins. The penalty fades after two hours.

Dead Rose Heart
Level: 1
Range: 150'
Duration: 1 turn
Effect: A rose blossom that stuns and frightens

This spell creates a small, blackened bit of energy resembling a long thin thorn or needle that moves with the Magic-User until directed at a target. It then flies towards the target's heart, blossoming upon impact into a blackened rose and biting into the flesh. The target is stunned for one round, unable to act; and then must save vs. spells or flee from the Magic-user for two rounds.

Thorned Retribution
Level: 2
Range: 0
Duration: 1 turn
Effect: Thorny vines in the flesh attack the caster's attackers

Thorned retribution creates a lace of thin ruby-black energy vines bearing fanglike thorns that slowly move across – or perhaps under – the Magic-User's skin. The first successful attack on the Magic-User in a round activates the vines, causing them to lash out and strike the attacker for 1-4 hit points of damage. Wounds caused by the vines continue to bleed at a rate of 1 hit point per round until the wound is seen to.

Iron Briar Embrace
Level: 3
Range: 50'
Duration: 6 rounds
Effect: Traps a target in life-draining briars

This spell creates a tangle of coiling, clawing metallic black briars studded with fanglike thorns. The briars erupt from the ground beneath the target and wrap themselves around it -- effectively immobilizing it -- and inflict 2-5 hit points of damage per round as the thorns drain blood (or other fluids). Targets trapped in the briars may be cut free in 1-4 rounds.


Hamlet said...

Those are very awesome spells. I like them a lot and, if you don't mind, I plan on filching them and converting them into druid spells.

taichara said...


Those are very awesome spells. I like them a lot and, if you don't mind, I plan on filching them and converting them into druid spells.

Thank ye kindly :3 Feel free to convert them, no problem.

Alex Schroeder said...

I like these spells very much. Can I translate these and post them on my campaign wiki for my players to use? They'd be visible to all visitors, too. In the comments, I'd link to the corresponding page. Example: http://campaignwiki.org/wiki/F├╝nfWinde/Das_Tote_Herz_einer_Rose

taichara said...

@Alex Schroeder:

By all means! :D Just a little note saying where they came from, somewhere on the wiki, would be ideal :3