Saturday, March 7, 2009

Magic Item: the Unicorn's Cuirass

Liann, the Unicorn's Cuirass: An ornate enchanted armour believed to be of elven or neu make, the Unicorn's Cuirass is a jack of blue-white scales mounted with draping shoulder pauldrons, plus a matching lappetted helm bearing a single curved, backswept horn. Despite abiding legendry that only those of the most Lawful bent may don the armour, Liann has been seen in the hands of both great heroes and great villains over the years.

The Unicorn's Cuirass grants the same Armour Class as chain mail +1. In addition, once a day the bearer may increase their base movement by one third for an hour's duration. This speed may be sacrificed to gain a single +4 to initiative.

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Chris said...

"Despite abiding legendry..."

Gygaxometer readings are off the scale captain.

*troddles off to look up lappetted*