Monday, June 8, 2009

returned ...

... productive posting may still be patchy for at least a few days. Things have not gone as I would have liked today.

In the meantime, please grant me the indulgence of the following; not the most practical of entries, perhaps, but a needed one.

Armour Class: 8
Hit Dice: 1**
Move: 120’ (40’)
Attacks: 2 claws + 1 bite
Damage: 1-2 (see below)
No. Appearing: 1
Saves: C1
Morale: 10
Treasure: O
Alignment: Neutral
XP Value: 19

A burra appears much like a large housecat. It is long in the body and legs, with the hind legs being a little longer than the forelegs; its coat is black, with white paws, muzzle blaze and “bib”, and its eyes are a rusty green-gold. Burra are known to crop up occasionally in the strangest places, sometimes to meddle in humanoid affairs and sometimes to offer pithy – or even useful – advice in their strange silent “telepathy”, indicated with much swiveling of their ears. Some burra even set themselves up as sages of a sort.

Burra disdain physical combat. This is just as well, as their combined attacks of claws and bite will inflict at most 1-2 hit points damage; they may cast spells as 2nd-level magic-users, however, and have no compunctions against attempting to raise that bar even further. Though not innately capable of becoming invisible, much like a halfling a burra may conceal itself in the slightest of cover (or even the absence of cover), with only a 1-in-10 chance of being spotted so long as the burra remains still. Similarly a burra can move with uncanny silence, making sound only on a 1-in-6.

One legendary burra, commonly known as Ashura, is believed to have the spellcasting ability of a 5th-level magic-user in addition to the skills of a 9th-level thief. Ashura has a definite taste for cynicism -- and a dragon's hoard of texts -- but has been known to unbend for adventurers in a jam.


Rae7910819 said...

Welcome back. Hope your trip went well.

taichara said...


The trip itself was decent; it's related things that have tripped me up.

Chris said...

*w00t* Taichara returns! ("And there was much rejoicing")

*squints speculatively at the Burra write-up*

BECMI version of the killer housecat, or something more? I'm seeing overtones of the OWoD take on Japanese cat spirits...

taichara said...


Aww, thank you :3

Something definitely more; though less oWoD and more surely teleporting, gamebook loving, Batman-trade-sleeping-on, surely-understood-english dear friend. Who wanted to go before I got back from vacation.

trollsmyth said...

Heh... I could actually use that, I think. Hmmmm...

Welcome back. Here's hoping for blue skies and peaceful days.

taichara said...


Thank ye kindly, on a few differnet accounts :3

Tomira Eliyes said...

Actually looks like something pretty tempting to use in a game, though I don't expect I could do so any time soon. ;~;