Friday, June 26, 2009

Twenty Trivial Trinkets

Every once in a while, a goblin or orc or bandit carries some small object that's just a little, well, odd. Not always valuable (or understandable; just how did a goblin get some of these things anyway?), these little trinkets may provoke a moment's curiosity or add a bit of flavour to the tiniest of treasure hoards ...

01. An assortment of crushed and pungent herbs packed into a perforated tin sphere the size of a large walnut

02. Three dessicated honey-glazed frogs, one half-eaten

03. Four silver coins, pierced and strung on a rawhide cord alternated with five polished claws

04. A crumpled wad of leather on which is written a love letter to an orcish warlord in perfect courtly language

05. Three slender golden bangles, each hung with a single fingerbone

06. A small bottle of waxed wood (contains 1 - poison, 2 - elven spirits, 3 - blood, 4 - quicksilver)

07. A copper coin whose edge has been honed razor-sharp (watch your fingers, thieves!)

08. A lucky elf ear

09. 1-6 polished and red-etched knucklebones, used for gambling

10. A tiny ivory carving of a curled-up lizard; every time it is looked at, the posture seems to have changed slightly

11. Five obsidian arrowheads tied around their tangs with red rawhide

12. A bone comb etched with geometrical designs

13. Four large seeds kept in a twist of coarse wool coated in wax

14. A small glass flask containing a tiny (1 hp) jelly

15. Bark-paper broadsheet proclaiming a volunteer drive for the next hobgoblin horde

16. 1-6 pieces from an agate chess set

17. An assortment of small bone boxes containing cheek rouge, kohl, etc etc ...

18. A string of roughly shaped, small freshwater pearls

19. A silver holy symbol from a Lawful church, carefully wrapped up in leather

20. A curved horn knife, still stained with blood and bits of silvery feathers


Tomira Eliyes said...

02. o_o Honey... glazed... Were they dessicated before or after the glazing?

03. That actually sounds quite nifty.

05. Serviceable enough if one removes the bones.

10. Wow, that's make me paranoid. X3

14. EEEEEE baby jelly! #^o^# Wuzzee gonna release it someplace particular, I wonder? Hmmmm~

15. Oh ho! A veritable plot-hook, sir!

19. Cue angsty second-guessing and self-doubt?

taichara said...


02. Little of column A, little of column B ...

10. Hehehehe ;3

14. So cute! So deadly! X3

15. Indeed. And what kind of advanced critters are we talking about --

19. Possibly. Or random shrugs, depending on the adventurer --

Tomira Eliyes said...

14. Precisely! And then there's the problem of not accidentally drinking and/or freeing the critter before you find out what it is! I for one would not think "is this a jelly?" before opening a flask.

Well, not unless I had previously encountered jellies transported in this fashion.

19. Or righteous indignation, on the assumption that the trinket was taken from someone -- possibly someone who had been killed! >O